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Midland Scientific-METTLER 51343101 - Laboratory Supplies.
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METTLER 51343101

pH Electrode Expert Pro 0-14pH 1/EA

Item ID: METTLER 51343101
Supplier: Mettler - Toledo (E)


MSRP: $278.00/EA
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Item Description:

These electrodes are a METTLER TOLEDO success story! With their open junctions these electrodes are particularly insensitive to contamination. The polymeric reference electrolyte XEROLYT® on these sensors is in direct contact wit the measured medium, hence there is no junction to block. The PEEK shaft is both chemically and mechanically extremely resistant. The new SteadyForce™ electrodes are brilliant: The reference system is under over-pressure, guaranteeing electrolyte discharge. The constant but controlled gradual discharge of electrolyte by the ceramic junction ensures extremely reliable and reproducible results. 2-in-1 refers to a reference and pH half cell in one. 3-in-1 refers to an electrode with a built-in temperature sensor as well as a reference and pH half-cell.
Mettler - A versatile, combination pH electrode with integrated temperature sensor and fixed cable with BNC/Cinch (RCA) connector. pH range : 0-14. Zero point (pH) 7.00 ± 0.25. Temperature range 0 - 100 °C. Unbreakable, chemically resistant PEEK shaft.

Midland Part #Manufacturer Part # Type Features Tris Compatible Connector BNC Cable
METTLER 5134028851340288 Premium 3-in-2 Open junction, PEEK shaft, IP67 No BNC/RCA included
METTLER 5134310151343101 0-100 C InLab 12 months Each 1
METTLER 5134310451343104 Premium 3-in-3 Open junction, PEEK shaft, 0…100°C No MultiPin™ 52300009