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Midland Scientific-NUNC 140675 - Laboratory Supplies.
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NUNC 140675

6 Well Round MultiDish with Lid Sterile

Item ID: NUNC 140675
Supplier: NUNC


MSRP: $269.22/CS
AVAILABLE: 7 to 14 days
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Features: Useful in all areas of cell culture including scale-up and cloning, Raised well rims to lower risk of cross contamination, Excellent optical quality, Nunclon™? certified, Multidish 6 is available coated with Poly-D-Lysine or Collagen, These multidishes are made of Polystyrene (PS) material.

Midland Part #External Dimensions (MM)No of WellsCulture Area (Sq CM)SurfaceSuggested Working Vol (ML/Well)Selling UnitQty/Selling Unit
NUNC 140675128 x 8669.6Nunclon Delta3Case75
NUNC 140685128 x 8669.6Nunclon Delta3Case85
NUNC 142475128 x 86241.8Nunclon Delta1Case75
NUNC 142485128 x 86241.8Nunclon Delta1Case85
NUNC 150628128 x 86123.5Nunclon Delta2Case75
NUNC 150687128 x 86481.1Nunclon Delta0.5Case75
NUNC 152034128 x 8669.6Collagen I (rat tail)3Case20
NUNC 152035128 x 8669.6Poly-D-Lysine3Case20
NUNC 17674066 x 6641.9Nunclon Delta1Case120