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Midland Scientific-NUNC 167008 - Laboratory Supplies.
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NUNC 167008

96 Well Flt Btm Clr Plt w/Lid Cell Cultu

Item ID: NUNC 167008
Supplier: Nalge Nunc International Corp EDI


MSRP: $288.89/CS
AVAILABLE: 7 to 14 days
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Item Description:

Plates are made from Nunclon for exceptional optical clarity and have special surface treatment ensuring optimal cell attachment and growth. Plates fit easily into the range of ancillary equipment already available (e.g. shakers, automatic pipette dilution machines) The flat bottom 96 well plate has raised wells ensuring uniform well bases and excellent optical quality. The design also permits individual numbering of the wells under the microscope. On the round bottom 96 well plate, each well has a raised rim. This serves the purpose of helping to prevent cross contamination when using a lid, and in addition, providing excellent attachment for an adhesive film, if required. The lid, which has a 6 MM edge is also supplied separately. In addition to the 96 well plates, 60 and 72 well MicroWell Plates (Terasaki) are offered. These also fit into the dilution machines already available on the market.
Nalge Nunc International - 96 Well Flt Btm Clr Plt w/Lid Cell Cultu

Midland Part #Manufacturer Part # P/C Size Qty/cs
NUNC 136528136528 C 10 uL well 150
NUNC 143761143761 C 0.3 ML well 50
NUNC 163118163118 C 10 uL well 150
NUNC 163320163320 P 0.3 ML well 50
NUNC 167008167008 Plastic Case 50
NUNC 263339263339 C 86 x 128 MM 100
NUNC 264122264122 C 86 x 128 MM 50