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Midland Scientific-BD 309624 - Laboratory Supplies.
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BD 309624

Syringe 1 ml S/T 21gal 1In (800/CS)

Item ID: BD 309624
Supplier: BD Labware


MSRP: $170.19/CS
AVAILABLE: 7 to 14 days
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Item Description:

1 ML BD Tuberculin syringe features the BD PrecisionGlide detachable needle with slip-tip, Intradermal bevel and regular wall. The BD Tuberculin syringe with BD PrecisionGlide Needle helps improve dosage accuracy and virtually eliminates needle pop-off.Bold, clear scale markings make easy and accurate dosage measurements. The thinner and smaller syringe size is easier to control and is less threatening to patients.
Becton Dickinson - Syringe 1 ml S/T 21ga 1In (800/CS) (100/PK)

Midland Part #Manufacturer Part #
BD 309623309623
BD 309624309624
BD 309625309625
BD 309626309626