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Midland Scientific-LKI C-4-115-C - Laboratory Supplies.
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L-K Industries Lab Model Oil Heated Cent

Item ID: LKI C-4-115-C
Supplier: L-K Industries


MSRP: $8,229.00/EA
AVAILABLE: 7 to 14 days
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Item Description:

Electrically heated Melton type oil centrifuge. Designed for use in laboratories, pump stations and similar locations. Explosion resistant and conforms to ASTM specifications for speed and diameter of swing. Each of the four cups has its own heating element and thermoswitch independent of the others, and can be set at any temperature up to 180°F. Built-in tachometer and hand brake. 4-Place head.
L-K Industries - L-K Industries Lab Model Oil Heated Centrifuge, Melton Type

Midland Part #Manufacturer Part # Voltage Cap. (ML) Tube Style Qty
LKI A-4-115-CA-4-115-C 115 VAC 12.5 - 1
LKI A-4-220-CA-4-220-C 220 VAC 12.5 - 1
LKI B-4-115-CB-4-115-C 115 VAC 100 Pear Shaped 1
LKI B-4-220-CB-4-220-C 220 VAC 100 Pear Shaped 1
LKI C-4-115-CC-4-115-C 115 VAC 100 Long Cone 1
LKI C-4-220-CC-4-220-C 220 VAC 100 Long Cone 1
LKI D-4-115-CD-4-115-C 115 VAC 100 Short Cone 1
LKI D-4-220-CD-4-220-C 220 VAC 100 Short Cone 1