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Free case of pipettes with Labconco ScrubAir

Buy a ScrubAir Pipette Washer/Dryer and receive a FREE case of pipettes (worth up to $145)


Qualifying Products

  1. LCN 4612020 - ScubAir, 115V
  2. LCN 4612021 - ScubAir with heater, 115V
  • The ScrubAir Pipette Washer/Dryer automates the traditionally time-consuming process of washing and drying glass pipettes using water, detergent and compressed air to wash, rinse and dry volumetric pipettes.
  • Thoroughly cleanse pipettes inside and out. Percolating action of compressed air and water scrubs the interior walls while whater and detergent cascade down the outside walls.
  • Saves water and money. Compared to traditional siphoning methods that can use over 600 liters per load, the eco-friendly ScrubAir uses as little as 12.5 liters of tap/pure water, which adds up to water savings costs of $2900 or more.
  • Dries quickly with compressed air in about four hours. Models with built-in heater dry twice as fast - two hours.
  • Accommodates from 12 to 60 pipettes depending on bulb and stem diameters.
  • Programmable. Factory cycle settings may be user modified. Start time may be delayed up to 8 hours.
  • Portable. The ScrubAir can be hooked up to a sink faucet allowing it to be easily transported from lab to lab. Or, install it using a dedicated water supply and drain.

Terms and Conditions: Only US and Canada customers are eligible. One (1) redemption form must be completed for each ScrubAir Pipette Washer/Dryer purchased. No limit of number of products purchased. Offer is valid on purchases made from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2019. All redemption forms must be received by January 31, 2020. Limit one free pipettes case option per one product purchased. This offer is void where restricted or prohibited by law or company policy. May not be valid in combination with other Labconco offers unless stated in writing by a Labconco representative. Regular shipping charges are included; free pipettes will arrive from Kimble Chase. Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please allowe 4 to 8 weeks after receipt of completed redemption form for delivery of free Kimble Chase pipettes. Must provide shipping address (no P.O. Boxes).