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ALPHA B02-112-500 BVA Scientific Inc-brain heart infusion agar 500g WAIT
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ALPHA T20-109-2KG E-Trypto Soy Agar w/Lecithin & Tween 80, 2kg WAIT
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ALPHA A13698-250G Alfa Aesar-250G p-Toluidine 99+%. CAS 106-49-0. Each. WAIT
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ALPHA B20391-22 ALFA Aesar - 100 G Mercaptoacetic Acid, 97+%; Organic derivatives and substituted compounds Thioglycolic acid; 98%; Liquid; Alfa Aesar; 100g; F.W. 92.12; HSCH2CO2H; CAS Number: 68-11-1 WAIT
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