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MSI Brand

Midland Scientific supplies a wide range of laboratory consumables and supplies that represent quality and value. MSI Brand products include filter paper, pH test strips, transfer pipets, petri dishes, timers, lab solutions, chemicals, equipment, furniture and more.


Chemicals and Solutions

Save on  a wide array of chemicals, solutions, standards and media used in any size laboratory. Available in small 500 mL bottles to large 55 gallon drums. 

MSI Brand Acetone ACS MSI Brand Nitric Acid MSI B2283-1L MSI N5187-20L
Acetone ACS Nitric Acid ACS pH Buffer Neutral Detergent Fiber Solution

Instruments & Consumables

Whether you’re stirring, heating, dispensing or timing we save you money on the standard bench equipment, instruments and consumables you use every day in the lab. MSI Brand filters are available in glass microfiber, cellulose media, membranes and other specialty materials in a variety of formats. Our exclusive pre-folded bifold and trifold filters provide unmatched convenience and efficiency.

 MSI Brand Digital Stirring Hotplates with Ceramic Top  MSI P5200-5M  MSI Brand Powder Free Nitrile Gloves MSI FB2013-11TF
Digital Stirring Hotplates Single Channel Pipettors Powder Free Nitrile Gloves Tri-fold Filter Paper for Soil Testing

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  1. MSI FB2013-11TF
    MSI FB2013-11TF
    11cm Grade 642 Tri-fold Filter Paper
  2. MSI F1775-9
    MSI F1775-9
    9cm Glass Fiber Weighing Paper Circles
  3. MSI RJN3P22NK
    32mm Max Nylon Composite Syringe Filters 0.22µm
  4. MSI P1043-20L
    MSI P1043-20L
    20L Petroleum Ether 99% ACS
  5. MSI G1776-L
    MSI G1776-L
    Large Powder Free Nitrile Gloves
  6. MSI A0116-5
    MSI A0116-5
    5gal Acetone ACS in Cubitainer®
  7. MSI FB2013-9TF
    MSI FB2013-9TF
    9cm Grade 642 Tri-fold Filter Paper
  8. MSI H3950-2.5L
    MSI H3950-2.5L
    2.5L Hydrochloric Acid, ACS - Glass Bottle
  9. MSI N5187-20L
    MSI N5187-20L
    20L Neutral Detergent Fiber Solution

Items 1-10 of 7462

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